ExoBites Video Series

ExoBites Video Series

The iREx’s ExoBites series (or “Capsules ExoBouchées”) invite you into the magical and mystical world of exoplanets – planets which are found beyond the Solar System – thought fun animations and interesting interviews with our researchers! Our entire video series (and much more!) is available on our YouTube channel.


Video 7: Cosmic Wink

For our seventh video, we describe the most efficient method to detect exoplanets: the transit method!


Video 6: The Modern Astronomer

For our sixth video, we talk about the daily life of modern astronomers. How do they study the Universe? And what are their best “on the ground” experiences?


Video 5: Telescopes of the Future

For our fifth video, we talk about the telescopes that will soon be launched into space or that will capture their first light from Earth in the next few years. These telescopes of the future will be revolutionary for astronomy!


Video 4: The Stars that Dance

For our fourth video, we talk about a surprising method, velocimetry, which allows us to discover exoplanets thanks to the way they make their parent star move!


Video 3: Alien Life

For our third video, we go in search of extraterrestrial life: how to look for it and what it might look like!


Video 2: Searching for Earth 2.0

For our second video, we talk about a very special type of exoplanet… The ones that look like our Earth!


Video 1: Exoplanet Zoo

For our first video, we introduce you to the vast zoo of exoplanets, from small rocks to gas giants!

The ExoBites series is funded by the Fonds de recherche du Québec’s DIALOGUE – volet Chercheures/Chercheurs grant.