iREx’s Deputy Director named as one of 2024’s Emerging Leaders

Nathalie Ouellette. Credit: Marco Campanozzi, La Presse
Nathalie Ouellette. Credit: Marco Campanozzi, La Presse

Exciting news! Nathalie Nguyen-Quoc Ouellette, Deputy Director at iREx, has been honoured as one of The Peak’s 2024 Emerging Leaders. Sponsored by CIBC. This prestigious list acknowledges individuals positively impacting Canada’s economy, culture, and society. She joins thirty other outstanding young leaders in the tech category. She has been recognized for her remarkable contributions to advancing space science and science communication in Canada.

As an astrophysicist and dedicated science communicator, Dr. Ouellette has been actively involved in astronomy outreach and research, leading numerous educational initiatives and earning recognition for her efforts. Alongside her role at iREx, she serves as JWST Outreach Scientist at the Canadian Space Agency and Deputy Director of the Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic. With over 400 media appearances, public talks, and advocacy for increased space science funding, Nathalie’s work exemplifies her dedication to fostering scientific curiosity, critical thinking, and scientific literacy across Canada.

Congratulations, Nathalie! The iREx community is inspired by your achievements!