Jason Rowe, a new Professor at Bishop’s University

Bishop's University. (Credit: J. Paris)
Bishop's University. (Credit: J. Paris)

Jason Rowe. (Crédit: É. Artigau)

On July 1st, 2017, Jason Rowe has joined Bishop’s University, as Assistant Professor in the Physics & Astronomy Department. He has varied research interests related to the study of the properties, statistics and occurrence of exoplanets, and is a specialist in space-based astronomical observations. He will remain an active researcher of iREx.

Jason completed a PhD in 2008 at the University of British Columbia during which he studied the reflectivity of exoplanets, using the Canadian satellite MOST. He then started working as a postdoctoral researcher, and then as a mission scientist in the Kepler team. He is also leading research with the SETI institute since 2011. He joined iREx in 2015 as a researcher for the James Webb Space Telescope NIRISS team. 

Jason contributed to an outstanding number of scientific projects. He led the publication of a dozen scientific papers in specialized journals and contributed hundreds of others. Jason was recently recognized by NASA’s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for his contribution as a team member for the Kepler mission.

He supervised the work many students, including that of iREx summer interns Olivia Lim (2016), Merrin Peterson (2017) and Laurence Marcotte (2017).

Congratulations on this new position, Jason!

To learn more about Jason and his work at his new institution, see his page and follow him on Twitter.