Awards and Prizes

Dr. Eve J. Lee receives the 2022 Vainu Bappu Gold Medal

Dr. Eve J. Lee receives the 2022 Vainu Bappu Gold Medal

Dr. Eve J. Lee, Assistant Professor at McGill University and a member of our institute, has received the 2022 Professor M. K. Vainu Bappu Gold Medal, an award given by the Astronomical Society of India to recognize the contributions made by young scientists from all parts of the world in the field of astronomy and astrophysics.

Dr. Lee is an expert in the theoretical studies of star and planet formation. She is particularly interested in understanding how exoplanets can display such a wide variety of intrinsic properties and orbital characteristics due to their interactions with their host star and the protoplanetary disk in which they are formed.

The iREx community is really proud of our colleague Dr. Lee and her receipt this prestigious award. Congratulations!


About the Professor M. K. Vainu Bappu Gold Medal

The Professor M. K. Vainu Bappy Gold Medal was created in the memory of Professor M. K. Vainy Bappu, an Indian Astronomer known for the discovery of the Wilson-Bappu effect. He served as president of the International Astronomical Union and was the first president of the Astronomical Society of India, where he helped lay the foundation of modern astronomy in India. The award is given every two years to a young scientist, typically below 35 years old, for their outstanding scientific achievements in any branch of astronomy, astrophysics, and related fields.