Awards and Prizes

Nicolas Cowan elected Fellow of the College of the Royal Society of Canada

Nicolas Cowan. (Credit: McGill University)
Nicolas Cowan. (Credit: McGill University)

Nicolas Cowan, a member of the McGill Space Institute and iREx, was elected to the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) College in September. This prestigious honour was awarded to 54 mid-career Canadians who have distinguished themselves through their research or creative work this year.

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Planetary Climate at McGill University, Dr. Cowan studies the climate of exoplanets using ground-based and space-based telescopes. He is interested in the habitability of planets, and is particularly motivated by the search for habitable worlds.

All iREx astronomers warmly congratulate Professor Cowan on this distinction.

To learn more about this award, see the press release from the Royal Canadian Society.